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Along with the use of weapons , each Battleframe has access to class-specific abilities that will enhance their offensive, defensive and movement capabilities. The first three of these abilities will be active immediately upon being equipped on a frame, while the fourth referred to as the Hyper-Kenesis Module (or HKM) can only be activated after charging up while in combat.

Standard Accord frames have abilities that help highlight their class combat and support roles. The advanced frames, in addition to being able to use all the abilities from the Accord Frames of the same class, also have their own unique and exclusive abilities, specific to those frames only.

For Accord frames, abilities are unlocked at levels 3, 6 and 9, while the HKM slot is unlocked at level 10. For advanced battleframes, abilities are unlocked at levels 25, 27 and it's HKM, at level 35.

Abilities, like weapons, come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic rarity. They too can be modded to improve upon certain stats using Modules and through Elite Ranks upgrades. Abilities can be acquired from either Loot Drops, bought from ARES vendors , trading at the market, as bounties rewards and by opening ability caches and secure lockers.

As of Update 1.6, each Battleframe have a new set of abilities[1]:

Assault Frames[]

  • Firecat
    • Thermal Wave
    • Immolate
    • Fuel Air Bomb (HKM)

Biotech Frames[]

Dreadnaught Frames[]

Engineer Frames[]

Recon Frames[]

  • Recon
    • Cryo Shot
    • Teleport Beacon
    • Remote Explosive
    • Artillery Strike (HKM)
  • Nighthawk
    • Decoy
    • SIN Beacon
    • Eruption (HKM)
  • Raptor
    • Smoke Screen
    • Assassinate
    • Overload (HKM)