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The Tinkerer

This is the Accord Engineer class before Open Beta was released.

From the official firefall battleframe page:

A balance of offensive and defensive technology, as well as a grenade launcher to keep the opposition from coming too close.

The Engineer is the unsung hero of the Accord, controlling the battlefield through the implementation of both offensive and defensive technologies to support its allies, attack its enemies, and protect Accord territory.


The Accord Engineers primary weapon is the Sticky grenade launcher which is situated within the Accord Engineers gauntlet. It has a short range and is effected by gravity within the game. Firing this weapon once will fire off a small 'C4' like pellet which will stick to the target that is fired at. The pellet will also detonate after a long period of time or when the Accord Engineer next right clicks, multiple pellets can be stacked to provide a chance for traps and extreme nuking.


Heavy Turret - Deploys an automated, self-upgrading sentry turret

Deployable Shield - Deploys a protective forcefield.

Supply Station - Quickly deploys a powerful supply station.

Anti-Personnel Turret [Ultimate, HKM] - Deploys a powerful mannable turret that can be used by friendlies.