Afterburner Afterburner
Class Assault


Thrust Potency


Afterburner is the second ability available to the Accord Assault battleframe, unlocked at level 6. It may also be used by the Firecat and Tigerclaw advanced assault battleframe variants.

Afterburner boosts the player in a straight line towards where they are aiming. This can be used to quickly enter the battlefield, retreat, navigate the mountainous terrain, or add to the damage caused by Meteor Strike, by boosting the player higher into the air before deploying. Advanced battleframes have extra bonuses: while the Firecat will leave a trail that damage enemies, an afterburner equipped in a Tigerclaw will have 50% increased potency.

As with all abilities, Meteor Strike may have Prefixes, be slotted with Modules and is affected by some Perks and Elite Ranks upgrades.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Rocket forward with incredible speed in the direction you are facing.

Firecat Only:
Afterburner leaves a trail of flame that deals damage to nearby enemies

Tigerclaw Only:
Afterburner's total Thrust Potency is increased by 50%.

ARES Supply OfficersEdit

Afterburner can be bought at the following vendor using crystite:

Name Location Rarity Level
Supply Officer Cross Copacabana (-369, -455) Rare 10


Afterburner works well with Meteor Strike, as it can be used to quickly reach high altitudes. This makes it much easier for an Assault to do large amounts of damage with Meteor Strike.

Trivia Edit

Before Update 1.6, Afterburner could be used while Gliding without cancelling it.