Arsenal is a retired Dreadnaught battleframe removed during migration to Update 1.6. It's Red5's intention to reintroduce him in the future, also adding more battleframes to the game[1].

Compensation Package Edit


A-1 Hauler MGV

All Arsenal owners received the following items during migration:

  • 200 Red Beans
  • The A-1 Hauler (personnel transport)
  • Chibi Arsenal Pet
  • A non-combat cosmetic to change the player’s appearance to an Arsenal
  • Three Epic Combat Shotgun secondary weapons - one at level 20, 30, and 40.
  • Arsenal warpaint (if not already owned)
  • Arsenal title (if not already owned)
  • A choice of:
    • Massive Experience Pack, or
    • A level 40 advanced battleframe of the player’s choice, which occurs prior to the Accord battleframe migration.

Description Edit

"The Omnidyne-M Arsenal could be best described as a toy box... of doom! The Arsenal has a tool for every job, a solution to every problem. The Arsenal’s ability suite focuses on weapon swaps, replacing the primary weapon with a temporary gun to serve a unique purpose. This armory on jump jets is for the discerning Battleframe pilot that understands that you can never have too many choices when it comes to crushing your foes."

Reference Edit