Battleframe Station

Battleframe Station at Lab 16

The Battleframe Station is a technological hub which allows players to switch their currently equipped battleframe.

Stations are currently only used to change your battleframe, while further interactions like repairing equipment, managing perks and changing outfit must be done at a Battleframe Garage.

Interacting with a Station will fully fill a player's ammo, even if they do not switch frames.

Versions Edit

While having the same appearance and functionality, Stations can be:

Battleframe Station Icon-0

Permanent: Edit

At least one can be found at every City and Watchtower, and most Outposts have one as well.

Battleframe Station Icon

Reusable: Edit

With 5 minutes duration and 5 minutes cooldown, these mobile stations may be used by anyone once deployed. Prior to Update 1.6, it used to be a vending machine's golden token reward and can now still be bought Packaged at the market under 'Unlock: Reusable Items'.

1-Use Mobile Battleframe Station Icon

1-Use Consumable: Edit

With a separate cooldown from the Reusable version, the single use version of the Station cannot be sold at the market anymore, tho it can still be emailed between players. There is currently no know way of getting it since Update 1.6.