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Movement Speed


Jet Energy

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Jet Recharge


The Biotech battleframe is the Accord's support frame. Its abilites allow for healing and poison damage. This battleframe was designed as a force multiplier and to prevent unnecessary losses within Accord and ARES ranks while in combat. Combined abilites allow it to do partial healing partial damage. The Biotech uses a Smart Blaster as its primary weapon.


Healing Generator.png

Healing Generator - Deploy a healing generator. The healing generator gradually heals nearby allies. This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its duration, but can be repaired by an Engineer.

Poison Ball.png

Poison Ball - Fire a ball of noxious chemicals that explodes on impact, poisoning enemies in the area of effect. Poisoned enemies are slowed and take chemical damage over time.

Adrenaline Rush - For the duration of adrenaline rush, you and nearby allies benefit from improved movement speed and weapon rate of fire.

Heroism (HKM) - When you activate heroism, nearby enemies are slowed, while you and your nearby allies gain a percentage of damage dealt as healing.