Black Water AnamolyEdit

This is currently the only instance of the game (31/Jul/2013). The entrance is through Copacabana, trans hub, sunken harbor or thump dump at the arcporter. The instance starts off when the group begins the defense of a meld repulsor that lasts roughly 3 minutes. After that mission is complete, the group goes out to defeat three warships (west,central,east). Once those are defeated, the players will make treck towards the Black Water Anamoly where they proceed to shut it down. Once the BWA is shut down, through the 3 melding generators, a mysterious figure will go on a speech and the players must escape the instance. There are gliders set up near where the melding generators once were that the players should strongly use to glide their way back to the entrance of the instance. There Oilspill will drop in with his dropship and the players will enter thus completing the instance.