The Broken Peninsula is a zone where chaos rules. Beyond the reach of the Accord this environment is hostile towards all players where ARES Pilot fight over the resource rich terrain. Along with priceless resource availability there are many outpost that can  be captured by ARES Pilot teams. Controlling these outposts gives you access to 1 use thumpers (as normal thumpers cannot be called down due to lack of Accord Control). These thumpers allow players to collect resources but beware as oppossing ARES Pilots will try to kill you to claim it for themselves.

I do not recommend entering this zone until you have reached level 40 and have decent gear as other players will make short work of you. Also I recommend getting a squad together for thumping as the saying goes "safer in numbers" anyone who opposes your thumping will have to deal with 5 people not just one.