Celestial Wings is a Glider of Legendary quality. It instantly launches the Battleframe into the air, leaving no pad behind[1].

While the Packaged reusable Celestial Wings could be achieved through the Vending Machine using Golden Tokens[2], after Update 1.6 it can only be crafted combining Fragments into Components.

There's also an 1-Use version of the Celestial Wings available in game, but it can no longer be traded or sent by e-mail.

In Game Description Edit

  • Deployable, Reusable Items
  • "Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, and danced the skies on laughter-silvered winds."

Components Required Edit

  • 1x Celestial Feather (50x Celestial Fragments)
  • 1x Dimensional Pocket (50x Dimensional Fragments)
  • 1x Indestructible Matrix (50x Matrix Fragments)
  • 1x Superconductive Fabric (50x Superconductive Fragments)
  • 1x Semi-Conscious Nanotech (50x Nanotech Fragments)

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