Drop Pod Icon

The map icon for the Drop Pod dynamic event

Chosen Patrols are fairly common dynamic missions around the world of New Eden. While they are certainly by far the most tame dynamic mission it doesn’t mean that a single inexperienced player can’t be downed by one.

The start of this patrol is created when a Chosen Drop Pod drops down onto the ground and spawns 3 chosen assaults. While the drop pod has no offensive capabilities it needs to be destroyed to complete the dynamic mission. The two frustrating thing about these pods is that (1) sometimes then can drop down right as you are close to being done thumping for resources and the chosen will start dealing heavy damage to your drop pod. Similarly, when thumping anywhere within a 215m radius of a Drop Pod, their is a high chance of the Chosen being alerted to your Thumper and firing sniper-level accurate shots while they are still dots off in the distance.

Drop Pod Pod

Front and side view of the Chosen Drop Pod (it hovers just above the ground)

It is generally best to take out the three chosen guarding the drop pod first before destroying the drop pod itself. A good tactic is if you find yourself getting hit too hard by the chosen to actually use the drop pod itself as a way to screen fire, and use angles to deal with an assault one at a time as some of the drop pod locations have very little cover.

Once the Chosen Assaults are dealt with take out the pod itself. While this dynamic mission doesn’t yield hardly any xp or resources, sometimes it’s best to destroy for the fact that it’s just generally in the way.

The locations the drop pods fall down upon are very static and don’t seem to change. While after destroying one another will drop down in another half hour or so. To any experienced player the chosen and the drop pod itself are pushovers and in a team of 2+ it’s a non-issue taking it out. However it can sometimes prove to be difficult to new T1 players who don’t quite understand the lay of the land.