A piece of crystite, from the gameplay trailer.

200px-Crystite drop

Crystite in game

Crystite is a mineral used as the most basic currency in the game and also as a power source.

Almost any activity that you participate in will give you Crystite in some quantity, and most of the purchases you make that are directly tied to your progression will require it[1].

Obtaining Crystite Edit

The mineral can be obtained by killing enemies, refining raw minerals (unavailable in Update 1.6), thumping, completing world events, instanced missions, ARES jobs, ARES missions and through Daily Login Rewards.

Crystite crystals can be found in the open world, but only as decoration. They can be seen in Copacabana, Trans-hub and Sunken Harbor inside generators, showing they are a power source in the world.

Conversion to Credits and Red Beans Edit

Crystite (cy) may used to purchase Credits (cr) at the Currency Exchange (default key: > ), with the conversion rate being 25 cy to 1 cr, limited by a daily cap of 25,000 cy (1,000 cr).

Crystite cannot be directly converted into Red Beans. Instead, it must first be converted into Credits, which is in turn used to buy Red Beans from other players at the Red Bean Exchange.


Crystite was deposited on earth during the Firefall event by the asteroid's fragments[2]. It's use (or over-use) is what brought the Melding to Earth.

References Edit