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The Dreadnaught battleframe was designed by the accord to be its vanguard combat unit. Its job is twofold - to be able to take a significant amount of damage and still remain functional, while also being able to provide heavy firepower to combat units. The Dreadnaught is equipped with a Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) which has an extremely high rate of fire, and is useful in supressing enemies or cutting down groups of enemies with ease.


Turret Mode.png

Turret Mode - The Dreadnaught locks into place gaining increased fire rate and increased resistance to damage


Charge - Charge forward at high speed, knocking away enemies in your path. Charge deals damage in a circular effect radius at the end of the charge.

Heavy Armor.png

Heavy Armor - Creates a circular shield in front of the Dreadnaught, absorbing damage for its duration.

Absorption Bomb.png

Absorption Bomb (HKM) - Brace for impact, briefly gaining extreme damage resistance and taunting nearby enemies to attack you. When the damage reduction expires, it causes an explosion, dealing damage based on the amount absorbed to enemies caught in the area of effect.


The Dreadnaught tends to perform better while on a vantage point that is relatively close to the enemy formations, or on even terrain which doesn't have a lot of cover. Other battleframes in an ARES team can reliably take cover behind the Dreadnaught if the Dreadnaught pilot does not move much. Dreadnaught's Heavy Armor ability also assists in protecting other battleframes from damage if this tactic is used.