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El Terromoto

El Terromoto is a LGV Race co-ordinator and gambler. He used to be in the Gold League Holmgang Championships but retired to pursue LGV Racing. He still participates in the Bronze League Holmgang Tournaments and is the final participant you have to verse in the ARES Mission series. You can find him in the Bar at Suken Harbour.

Racing Path

click to enlarge, it has a lot of info on it.

Presently, the only track available is from Sunken Harbor to Copacabana.  El Terromoto will loan the player a racing LGV for the duration of the time-trial.  After the time trial, he will recall it (while it is suppose to archfold, it actually deteriorates to 0 health and burn/explodes).

Below is an image of the best route to finish in under 60 seconds.

There is also a way to make your own track by using the LGV Race Line consumable found on the market or at the molecular printer. It has a minimum of 200 meters and a maximum of 2000 meters and can be placed almost anywhere