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Constructing Technological Terrors

From the official firefall battleframe page:

The most offensive-minded of the Engineer-class battleframes, the Electron utilizes several attacks and a powerful Shock Rail to incapacitate approaching enemies.

One of Astrek Association’s most advanced chassis; the E-33 “Electron” is designed for combat support in the most volatile environments. Using long-range weaponry and experimental shields, the Electron is the offensive answer to the more defensive-minded Engineer frames.


The Astrek Electron's default weapon is the Shock Rail. The primary fire mode, fires quick long range lightning bolts. The alternative fire, are little balls of lightning with small a small Area of Effect.


Boomering Shot - Fires an electric shot which returns to the Electron, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Any allies that the ball passes through are also shielded.

Bulwark - The electron erupts in a pulse of energy, which applies a shield to the electron and nearby allies. The shield absorbs a medium amount of damage.

Electrical Storm [Ultimate, HKM] - Fires a projectile that detonates on impact, creating a slow moving and powerful electrical storm. The storm gains in size as it moves, dealing massive damage and Snaring nearby targets, reducing their movement speed. Can be activated again to detonate.