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Elite Ranks are a form of battleframe-specific character advancement available once at maximum level. Upon reaching maximum level, the experience bar will change to a different style and color to indicate that experience toward Elite Ranks is now being earned. The amount of experience required for each individual Elite Rank is static. Advancing in Elite Ranks will unlock special optional visuals such as back banners which are used to identify a player’s current Elite Ranking, bonus stat increases, battleframe perks, or even other battleframes.

Upon reaching an Elite Rank a choice will be presented with an opportunity to upgrade one statistic from a randomized list of possible upgrades. Most new upgrade levels will present the player with a choice of six upgrades, randomly selected from the basic upgrades list, with a chance of one of the upgrades being replaced with a random upgrade from the rare upgrades list. Every tenth earned Elite Rank the upgrade selection will be entirely comprised of rare upgrades! This means that even an unlucky player will have access to rare upgrades such as free battleframes!

Basic upgrade options include: Reload speed, ammo capacity, health, health regen, healing dealt, deployable health, healing received, jump height, jet energy, run speed, or jet energy regen.

Rare upgrade options include: Battleframe unlocks, perks from other battleframes, maximum perk point increases, power rating, weapon damage dealt, ability recharge rate, ability damage dealt, ultimate charge rate, or even a sum of Crystite or credits!

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