This article contains speculation, information which has not been confirmed by a reliable source. The game is still in development, and all information is subject to change.

Enermax Industries was the company who started the crystite boom globaly. Located in Tokyo, Japan, Enermax offered jobs to tens of thousands of workers.

Shigeru Ichizoku, CEO of Enermax Industries, was the primary investor of the rebuilding of New Tokyo. He invested all of his money into it and New Tokyo was failing. One day, after surveying the metorite that destroyed the original Tokyo, he realized the rocks had wierd qualites to them and broke the laws of physics by defying gravity.

Ichizoku Immediately had hundreds of scientists doing expirements on the asteroid rocks. The expirementing went on for years without excitiement or change, until one day due to the testing of utiliziing crystite as a power source, a massive EMP was release frying electronics and blowing transformers as far as 10 kilometers.

This EMP marked the start of the Crystite Boom. Within a month Enermax Industries had a power plant that ran of crystite. At the same time, Enermax began selling licenses of the process for using crytite for power and electricity.