Official Red 5 Studios FAQ

Taken from the FAQ forum post on the official game forums. [1]

What is Firefall?

Firefall is a team-based action shooter combining deep character progression with an open-world cooperative campaign that can be shared with hundreds of other players. Firefall will also have a rich competitive multiplayer component incorporating built-in features such as clan support, ladders, tournaments and stats.

Firefall takes place on Earth, but it is an Earth transformed. The year is 2233. A highly efficient form of energy was discovered by utilizing the resource Crystite. The overuse of Crystite led to the disastrous arrival of the Melding, an energy storm that has engulfed the majority of the planet. You play as a surviving human in the eye of the Melding storm.

Recently, humanity has been fighting for survival against a race calling themselves the Chosen. They emerged from the Melding with only one known goal, the destruction of the human race.

When does the game come out?

We are planning to release Firefall at the end of 2011.

Is Firefall an MMO?

No. Firefall is first and foremost an action shooter. We incorporated a lot of elements that you might find in various genres, including MMOs, but it is not an MMO in the traditional sense. We are so excited about Firefall that we want to make sure everyone can play it and join their friends in the game. When Firefall releases, it will be available online for download and play for absolutely free.

Will there be a subscription fee?

Absolutely not. We do not feel that a subscription fee best suits the style of game we are creating.

How do you plan to make money?

We plan to offer a marketplace for Firefall that will offer players items to enhance their gaming experience. We are adamantly against selling anything that might compromise the skill-based aspect of the game.

What are you showing at PAX?

We are demoing a portion of the open-world experience. You can check out the same demonstration (minus the awesome experience of meeting the dev team) by checking out the movies on

Are there any additional details regarding the competitive multiplayer?

For now, we are only discussing the open-world co-op experience. You can expect to see a lot more about the muliplayer experience at a later date.

What are battleframes?

Battleframes are sets of armor and weapons that denote your class in Firefall. You will customize these pieces of armor and weapons through modules and upgrades to create your own unique style of play. Battleframes can be switched out during gameplay at a battleframe station, giving you the option to change tactics on-the-fly.

How many battleframes will there be at launch?

For PAX, we are only talking about the Assault and Medic battleframes. Additional details will be released later.

When is beta?

We haven't announced an official date for the start of beta. When it does start, it will most likely start small and grow as we need to put more and more stress on the servers. Keep your eyes open, we'll make an announcement when it's time to start checking your inboxes.

How do I sign up for beta?

You already are! Just by signing up for the forums, you're automatically registered for the beta program when it begins. Hang out, have fun. Speculate with new friends or debate with new enemies.

Will there be vehicles at release?

We're not ready to discuss all the player transportation options, but if you saw the gameplay videos, I'm sure you can find some hints... ;-)

Questions Answered in Forum Discussions

Below is a compilations of questions that were answered by developers in the Firefall forums, collected by user Rhyder.


Will it run on OSX?

Posted by JDHarris

Right now we're focusing on PC (Windows).

Will Firefall be on the consoles (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)?

Posted by JDHarris

Our focus is the PC. We have not announced anything for any other platforms.

Will Firefall be on consoles and have VOIP (Voice Chat)?

Posted by Grummz

Our voip is custom and integrated with game. PC is our focus.

Does Firefall use an offset engine?

Posted by Grummz

Our version is not based on intel build. All nvidia and amd. It's pretty much our own engine now with all the mods.

Will there be an anti-cheat solution?

Posted by Swarley

At Red 5, cheating is something that we try to keep in mind at every stage of development. Firefall uses a powerful networked gameplay model, in which the server does NOT trust the client, but we are still able to provide responsive gameplay, eliminate extrapolation artifacts, etc. However, this is still no replacement for attentive GMs, and more importantly, an attentive community. Personally, I believe that this is a very important discussion. So rest assured that we will do our research. But if you'd like to help, we do take your comments of different cheating problems and solutions seriously.

Will Firefall support Eyefinity?

Posted by JonOlick

Looks like all we need to do to support it is to support non-standard aspect ratios. I'm pretty sure we already do that. I'll double check though. I don't have 3 monitors to test with right now, but it should be working (also with the hud)

When do you think you could test this if ever? What about proper CrossfireX and SLI support?

Posted by JonOlick

Probably won't be able to test it for a while. I may be able to convince ATI to test for me. We'll see. Yeah, SLI is definitely something I want to support. However, all these things are just a matter of how much time I have to work on non-essential features. I should have some time to do this, but I can't guarantee anything.

When you say SLI is something you definitely want to support, that also includes ATi's (AMD now) CrossfireX as well to support?

Posted by JonOlick

yeah, ideally both SLI and CrossfireX

Does Firefall support multi-core rendering for that matter?

Posted by JonOlick

We already support multiple cores to some extent.

Will Firefall support the use of controllers?

Posted by Syrstorm

A dev team *can* provide support for controllers without adding aim assist. I'm very carefully not promising that, but it's certainly possible, and gives people options without affecting game balance in any way.

How much did art play a role in production?

Posted by JDHarris

I'm not entirely clear what you're asking here... There was a lot of time put into the art by a lot of talented people. A game like this is very art heavy, considering all the concepts, NPC's, player models, buildings, props, lighting, skys, terrain, textures, animations, shaders, etc, not to mention the time spent refining and iterating on any one of these areas, then somebody has to assemble all of these disparate pieces together into what you see in the game. It's a lot of work from several different specialties and I have a great deal of respect for the people that do it all. As for time estimates, I'll leave that to higher ups to answer if they see fit, sorry.

What made you choose the 'cartoonish' art style?

Posted by McMayhem

To be honest we started off with a stylized look before we ever saw any shots of Borderlands revealed. Shooting for a unique (in games) stylized look that also appealed to us and the type of game we were making was always the plan. It took us many, many iterations to finally achieve the look we have today. Factor in some of the roots of the studio (Blizzard) and it was natural. Our game tries to blend stylized with realistic while maintaining cohesion. I think we've achieved this very well.

Are the graphics we saw were not using the maxed out settings, or at-least had things disabled that will potentially be able to be enabled to those with graphics cards that support it?

Posted by JDHarris

All I'm saying is that the demo was using a DirectX9 system. Nothing more, nothing less.

What is the terrain engine like?

Posted by Grummz

Terrain engine is unique...can do cliffs and overhangs without separate models. All handcrafted.

Red 5, what was the reasons for picking the Project Offset engine over others?

Posted by Thrasher

When we set out to create Firefall, We took a look at many of the existing engines, but recognized we would need to make heavy modifications to any engine to support our needs for a large scale online shooter. Our relationship with Project Offset gave us a great foundation for making such modifications as necessary.

Lore Based

What is The Melding thing I keep reading about?

Posted by Xenogenic

If you watch the opening scene of the cinematic trailer, the large wall of darkness and lightning is the Melding. It is the force that engulfed Earth, snuffing out Human existence except in a small fragment of the planet.

Where did the name Firefall come from?

Posted by Grummz

Firefall is the name of the event that preceded the Melding. More on the story to come...

What is up with the enemies in Firefall (Bugs-Aliens and Robots)?

Posted by Phobos

The bugs are not the "primary" enemy. They are just mindless creatures that inhabit the world after the melding transformed the planet. Same as the brontodons and other creatures. The Chosen are actual intelligent beings that have strategy and plans. The bugs were just attacking something that made noise.

How does the year affect the gameplay of Firefall?

Posted by Phobos

Yes. The year is 2233. As others have said, the Melding has pretty much terraformed the entire planet, twisting and mutating all the terrain, plants and animals. This allows us to be very dynamic in the playable areas we build. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Payment/Regions of Availability:

Will Firefall only be for the United States? Are there any confirmed regions?

Posted by Phobos

Firefall is meant to be a global game. I don't know what languages we'll end up supporting, but we are definitely going to make sure it gets into the hands of as many gamers as possible.

Posted by Phobos

As posted above, we definitely are going for a worldwide release. The question about server locations though is tougher to answer. We haven't come to a final decision on where we will have server farms, but as soon as I know, you'll know.

Gameplay Based

Are loot drops individual to each player or first come first serve?

Posted by Syrstorm

Only members of the squad can see/pickup loot. As for looting rules within a squad it's currently FFA, but we'll be looking at that down the road.

Is FireFall class based or skill based? (not talking about player skill vs character)

Posted by Syrstorm

Regarding the OP's question, it's definitely class-based. " Gonard I'm hoping for skill based, I like having the freedom to make my character just the way I want him, with the right skills and not being stuck to one "role"." The intent is to provide that customization through your item and upgrade module choices. They're not just "+10 damage".

How will character death be handled?

Posted by Xenogenic

As an aside, I'm amazed at Deckard's attention to detail from the videos. I'd say he can put the microscope down, but I know he won't. What happens when you die depends on where you are and what you were doing. A death and respawn in the world does not necessarily function the same as a death and respawn in a competitive multiplayer environment, for example.

Will there be vehicles in Firefall?

Posted by Widgetcraft

I thought I could see a small vehicle on the ground zipping about.

Posted by Xenogenic Good eye.

Will Firefall have pvp?

Posted by Grummz

Yep. We have two main goals: raise the bar on co-op (hundreds of players in open dynamic world) and build great support for competitive clan based armies, ladders, stats and tournaments (PvP)

Will there be a cover system in Firefall?

Posted by Grummz No cover system. Tried it once, but preferred run and gun version.

Will there be Easter Eggs (Secrets) in Firefall?

Posted by Xenogenic We want explorers like you and me to enjoy our time spent just running around the world. It should be as fun as it is breathtaking.

Will there be Phasing in Firefall?

Posted by Syrstorm

Really loved the reactions in the video, Mike. I totally enjoyed watching it since you guys were clearly enjoying the gameplay video so much. Fun stuff. I try not to say never on stuff like this (it's a pretty cool bit of tech, frankly), but I don't think we have any plans to do phasing.

How will jetpacks work?

Posted by Syrstorm

Jetpacks are energy based (as are some weapons and abilities). Your energy is determined by your backpack (powerplant) and refreshes fairly quickly.

Are we going to be seeing very many ballistic-type weapons, where you will need to guage the trajectory of your shot?

Posted by Syrstorm

You've actually seen one, already. The medic's healing gun has a healing grenade as an alt-fire.

Is this just another shooter or is the world going to be dynamic and filled with all sorts of different things to do?

Posted by Phobos

The thumper mission is an example of a dynamic mission that happens in the world. Crystite is a very valuable resource. You use it to upgrade your equipment, your army technology tree, and it's a base form of currency in Firefall. You may just be walking through the world one day and stumble upon a Crystite deposit or you might be given a mission to go find one. You'll probably want to do it in order to advance some part of your progression. The world is full of dynamic events. The attack on Dredge that we showed at PAX was another dynamic event. Normally, Dredge is not under attack. It's a perfectly peaceful town, but due to it's location and the valuable resources that are mined there, the town can come under attack by the Chosen. Everyone in the area is notified of the attack and it's up to them to defend the town or lose it. If the town is lost, it will have to be regained before the city is usable again. This means that any missions, the forge, the dropship pad, etc are all gone until you, as players, fight to take the city back. Other missions are based on time of day, time of week, time of year, or even player actions. We are trying very hard to make the open-world feel like a living and breathing place where things happen and you have the chance to make a difference. These dynamic missions are on top of the story missions that will be part of the co-op campaign. There should be plenty for you to experience and enjoy. And all of that doesn't even include the competitive multiplayer which we haven't released details on yet. Hope that answers your question.

Are there going to be usable flashlights in Firefall?

Posted by Gkaine

Flashlights ARE confirmed!

Will there be more armor sets, which look 'normal', meaning that they are not gonna have giant boots?

Posted by McMayhem

I have to be a little vague on this one but what I can tell you is that yes, there are some sets without giant boots.

I keep hearing that there will be only hundreds or players in the game. What exactly does that mean?

Posted by McMayhem

During our demo at PAX we talked about the open world and how hundreds of players will be in the open world space at the same time. Meaning as you run around the landscape you can bump into other squads, individuals, armies, other human controlled players essentially. You might also see them at Dredge, the mining town we showed at PAX. Hope that clarifies it more.

Will there be a party system?

Posted by Gkaine Yes, squads ARE confirmed!

How will ammo be distributed at the moment?

[R5S]Phobos: Right now ammo is free and drops pretty regularly. Rather than being a money sink, it's more of a spam prevention tool and a way to make sure people pick and choose their shots.

How will headshots be handled in Firefall?

Posted by Cornboy

Headshots (critical hit volumes) are currently supported for both creatures and for player characters. Firefall is a skill based / physics based game... we didn't feel that it would be right to ship it without them.

Originally Posted by Phobos

It should be noted however, that how much damage headshots do is still in flux and will continue to be as we balance the game.

Will the game feature a realistic physics model for bullets that are fired? Will they drop with gravity, and follow a curved flight path?

Posted by Syrstorm

Our weapon and ammo system can handle both (gravity-affected projectiles or not) method. Frankly, we'll just end up using whichever is the most fun (to us) on a per-weapon basis. Realism is good, but only when it supports fun.

Firefall isn't an MMO?

Posted by Grummz

First, let me just thank everyone here for the terrific support. Your enthusiasm is awesome and giving us the fuel we need to get to Beta! Some news articles have been reporting that we are an MMO. We are not. We are first and foremost a competitive team based shooter. There's no dice rolling here, and the team has worked hard to develop the technology and smooth shooter action to make this game possible. We do borrow some elements from other genres, but only where they make sense and don't detract from our skill based gameplay. You can help us spread this word! Again, thank you so much for joining us here in the community!

Will there be collision detection in Firefall?

Posted by Grummz

Yes, there is collision between players.

Is pvp is going to be more than just an afterthought like it is in WoW and more than just battlegrounds?

Posted by Phobos

Hmmm. Which interview did you watch? What we showed at PAX was just a glimpse at our Co-Op openworld, but we have a very deep competitive multiplayer game that will pit armies vs armies and players vs players. More details will be released later on that part of the game though. I am thinking there was some miscommunication or misunderstanding there.

Are there any hitboxes on other locations like arms and legs? Accuracy and movement penalties until healed or something like that?

Posted by Phobos

Right now there are only two hit boxes per character. This might change, but we are creating an action shooter rather than a tactical shooter so we tend to avoid over-penalizing a player or forcing players to slow down the action in order to make decisions. Everything is high action, high maneuverability, and a lot of fun.

Any chance we will get Tribes-esque voice command key combinations? (V+G+S = Shazbot!)

Posted by Cornboy

VAG VAO "yes"... although we're still in the stages of designing the specifics of that feature... I've always been a big fan of being able to communicate quickly with your team mates... without having to use VOIP if you don't want to. VAB

What is this competitive multiplayer you guys keep talking about?

Posted by Phobos

We use the term "competitive multiplayer" to describe our "PVP" portion of the game. The entire game is a multiplayer game and is played completely online. More details on the competitive multiplayer will be coming out in the future.

Is there currently a confirmed class list?

Posted by Phobos

We only released information about the Assault (offensive, damage dealer) and the Medic (support, healer) classes. More information on these battleframes and other battleframes will be released later.

Will FireFalls armor types play out like other mmos were you have plate mail, cloth and leather. Or will it be one type of armor like one type of armor fits all players?

Posted by Imbalanced

My guess would be that there won't be something like leather or cloth armor, but more like Assault armor for the Assualt class and Medic armor for the Medic.

Posted by Gonard Right on the money. Battleframes ARE your "class" - if you see another player in a Medic battleframe, then you know its a medic. Additionally, we have many ways to customize your equipment. We want your equipment choices to be meaningful - allowing you to really dial in the look and feel of how you play! We've shown how you can upgrade your equipment to get a hold of different abilities for each battleframe; this is only the tip of the iceberg...

Does it means that we can change class whenever we want just by changing the battle frame ?

Posted by Syrstorm

Yes, although you have to do so at a "Battleframe changing station" (name to be determined), not just flick a switch in the middle of a fight or anything.

===Does that mean your "level" only applies to one single Battleframe? ===
Posted by Syrstorm

That's the current design, yes.

How do players drive the world, what sort of freedoms will we have, how can we impact the world and other players with our actions?

Posted by Syrstorm

As you guys know, we’re still a year away from release of the game, which means there’s still a lot of things that we’re going to change quite a bit (design wise) trying out different systems to try to dial in the maximum amount of fun possible. So, rather than trying to respond to a checklist of questions with yes/no answers that will certainly change from how things are right now, hopefully a few thoughts on our design philosophy will give you an idea of what we think is important. Player causality in an open world is awesome, but taken to an extreme it means that nothing happens without a player triggering it. Causality's strength is that a player knows that his or her actions truly matter and the world feels very interactive. The downside, however, is that the extreme cases of this can result in players feeling directionless and/or with players able to make other players' game experiences absolutely miserable. In the opposite direction, players who are unable to change anything in the world feel like cogs in the machine and all of your actions feel ultimately pointless, although it does allow the designers to hand craft very directed gameplay so that the player is always engaged and has clear goals. So, like nearly all design decision, there are tradeoffs with each direction. We're hoping that we can find a really good balance between letting your actions have significant effects on the world and making that world feel organic and responsive, but also keeping players safe from the worst griefers and always feeling like you have direction and goals within the world. Fair enough?

How many items would you be able to carry at once?

Posted by Syrstorm

Inventory management system is still not finalized, and we're looking at a number of ways to handle it.

Can we get a definition on the word "army"?

Posted by Xenogenic

Your army is essentially your clan (or your guild, if you prefer that term). We aren't giving specific details on how the army tech tree works just yet, though.

Are we going to be able to mix frames or are the frames going to be a cut and dried where you can only do this and this kind of deal?

Posted by Xenogenic

The medic's healing gun is his/her signature weapon, so that signature weapon is unique to that battleframe, just as the assault's plasma cannon is unique to that frame.

Are we going for a "Everyone is a hero" mechanic with FireFall?

Posted by Phobos

I think you'll find it's somewhere in between. Not everyone can be "the" hero. You won't find it's like Dragon Age where your character is the only hope between destruction and survival, but you are a very important piece of the puzzle. Firefall has a story-based campaign. You and your friends will be making a difference in the world and fighting to save humanity. You'll just have to wait and see whether you succeed.

How many people is estimated to be able to play on the same server?

Posted by Thrasher

We haven't stated an exact number yet because... well, as you suggest, we're still figuring it out. There are two major things in consideration: the technical challenges of giving loads of players a smooth server-based shooter experience and then the big question on simply how many players people will want/need to be with throughout the world.

How do you plan on ultimately showing the players that it really is a personally skilled based game over just another game that requires min-maxing?

Posted by Phobos

Different classes will require different amounts of skill. Different weapons will require different amounts of skill. You are absolutely correct that we want everyone to be able to play, but that doesn't mean it doesn't require skill. Just like any other first person shooter, your skill as a player determines your level. You could say that hitting the jump button while going down a hill isn't rocket science, yet how many people can ski well in Tribes? Putting your mouse cursor over a target isn't something that requires 20 years of training, yet how many people can hit consistent headshots on moving targets? This is a shooter. Your skill as a player matters. Gear is something that expands your abilities, but your skill as a player is what determines success or failure. There is no way for you to max out your equipment and just stand there while killing everyone around you. Nothing will aim for you. Nothing will trigger your abilities for you. Nothing will make strategic decisions for you.

Do you consider the timing and placement of an AOE the same as the ability to twitch a jump/spin/headshot in one fluid motion?

I'd also like to ask how the shock-wave ability (and other similar abilities) will affect other players. Will it be like a concussion grenade like TF? Or a flash bang like MW? Or a mixture?

Posted by Phobos

The timing and placement of an AOE shot and a twitch jump/spin/headshot are both skill-based actions. They require different amounts of skill, but both are skill-based. Again. Different battleframes and different weapons will require different levels of skill. The ratio depends on the battleframes you choose to play and who you are playing against. Sometimes you'll need a lot of skill and twitch reaction, other times you'll be more strategic and slower paced. You set your own play style depending on how and what you want to play. As for shockwave and any other abilities, they will all need to be tuned with play testing to determine what is fun.

Does it means that we can change class whenever we want just by changing the battle frame?

Posted by Syrstorm

Yes, although you have to do so at a "Battleframe changing station" (name to be determined), not just flick a switch in the middle of a fight or anything.

===Does that mean your "level" only applies to one single Battleframe?=== 
Posted by Syrstorm

That's the current design, yes.

Maybe we should fight the loot that drops?

Posted by Phobos

Sometimes realism and practicality need to step aside for the fun. :-) Loot drops and loot in general will be constantly tweaked up until release. A lot of that feedback will come from the beta through analytics and through player feedback.

Will the visual presentation of whatever you're using, like a gun, be slightly different depending on what modules you use to modify it with?

Not just one way, but a spectrum of ways depending on which rank/version and modules you combine.

Posted by Syrstorm Some (but not all) modules have a visual representation in-game. Others are purely mechanical with no visual effect.


What was the new hidden gameplay video about?

Posted by Phobos

The recruitment video was the teaser you were supposed to find for the first level of the puzzle. We wanted to show off some earlier work to tease some future announcements. I honestly didn't think you'd all pick it up so fast though. Not to mention the second part of the puzzle which was even harder. Note to self, never underestimate PAX attendees. There's more to come so keep your eyes open. Next time, I'll make it harder. ;-)

Where are the beta sign ups and when does the closed beta begin?

Posted by Xenogenic

Firefall is not yet in closed beta. Keep an eye on our website to see when we announce the start date for beta testing. By registering on the forums, you're automatically signed up for beta, though, so you're good to go there.

When will the Beta begin? (Same question pretty much, different response)

Posted by Phobos

We're still working out the details of both the closed beta and beyond. Expect more details on specifics in the future. Rest assured that we will make it very public when beta begins.

Player Suggestions, will they be heard?

Posted by Xenogenic

I'm in the airport in Seattle trying to catch up on all of the posts, even after reading them during the convention (as were my teammates that were able to do so). Point being: we're excited to communicate with our community. The feedback and suggestions are priceless, as far as we're concerned, so you'd better believe you're being heard. As for a forum especially for suggestions, that may or may not be necessary. Our community manager is a master at his craft, so if we're having a hard time keeping up with the good ideas, I'm sure he'll already have it fixed before we can even complain to him.

Does Red 5 Studios have a Twitter?

Posted by JDHarris

Red5Studios on Twitter. ;-)

Why can't we post images on the forums?

Posted by Phobos

Images are off to limit the spam. The first post highlights that perfectly. Facepalm adds nothing to a discussion. The lack of images does hurt threads like the movie shot thread, but for the time being the policy will remain. I'm always willing to reconsider at a later date. Sorry for the problems this causes for those that are trying to make the community a better place.

Who is the composer for this music in this game?

Posted by Syrstorm

Michael Bross. He's amazing.

Is there a PAX Recap Blog Post?

Posted by Phobos We posted our recap of the Penny Arcade Expo, including some pictures taken by our own Josh Harris...

Will there be a HQ version of the demo game play (from the September 2010 PAX Prime) with the developer voice over?

Posted by Syrstorm

That's in the plans, but you'll understand if we've got a lot on our plates now that we're home from PAX.

Do the forum achievements serve any purpose?

Posted by Phobos

Nope. Just for fun.

I was wondering if Red 5 had anymore events planned like PAX, especially on the East Coast?

Posted by Phobos

PAX East is in March. Same great show, different coast. I should clarify... I am not sure if we'll be at PAX East. I'm pushing for it, but it all comes down to time and budget. Just wanted to say that PAX is a great event and that it's now on the east coast as well.

Are there any photos of Red5 Studios' booth at PAX?

Posted by JDHarris

Here are a couple photos of the booth. I may post more pictures up there after I finish sorting through all the ones that I took. I'm sure we'll have some up on our website relatively soon as well.

Has the development team learned what works and what does not work from other games?

Posted by Syrstorm

I would say at least half of the dev team played APB and several of us still play. As always when you play a game as a developer, it's hard to turn off the "Would I do *that* the same way?" questions that go on in your head. So, I'm comfortable saying we've thought quite a bit about what we liked and didn't like about APB and pretty much all the other shooters that have released lately.

Will there be an art book for Firefall available?

Posted by McMayhem

Some good ideas on here. While I can't promise anything I can say we have tons of concept art on this project. Some way, some how I want to share it with the fans

What are the mammoth-like animals we see in the gameplay video?

Posted by JDHarris We call them Brontodons. Brontodon coats is a new one, hadn't thought of that option yet... lol!

What is a Whiky Whacker?

Posted by JDHarris It's a tasty beverage that became popular with the Tribe after a company retreat to Catalina Island. :-)

Any more information about the soldier girl in the cinematic?

Posted by JDHarris Is this the soldier girl you're referring to? There are also a couple of other female characters that were played in the PAX demo (one had pink armor). We'll be releasing more screenshots and information as time goes on, so keep your eyes open!

Is Red 5 Studious Hiring?

Posted by Blade

Hey Guys- My name is Jeff Lawniczak and I am the Dir of Talent Acquisition at Red 5 Studios. Just wanted to remind everyone that we are hiring for our studio in Orange County. Check out our jobs page at: Send me your resume and portfolio to join the tribe!

Why haven't we heard much about Firefall until now?

Posted by JDHarris

We've been trying very hard to keep the game quiet. Also, it takes time to build a company, hire people, develop and test concepts, get a tool chain up and running, etc. There is a lot involved in the whole process. I'm not sure what information in regards to timeline we're supposed to put out there, but to be honest, it's also hard to answer the question. It depends on how you define "production". Traditionally, production refers to the period after you've gone through concepting, hiring, etc and you're just churning out content and final game systems. This time has been substantially shorter than the amount of time since Red 5 was founded.

Are beta invites going to be given randomly or by forum points?

Posted by Phobos

Good question. We haven't made that decision yet. I'm a big fan of rewarding community members that make the community a better place, but I also think you need to bring in people who aren't rabid fans in order to get a good cross-section of feedback. This is something we'll have to bring up in our beta meetings to figure out. There are no "points" per se that we're looking at. The forum experience stuff is purely there for fun.

As professional, what sources of information did you find that helped you the most in your individual studies and experience?

Posted by McMayhem

Hey PolyTron, there is a wealth of knowledge on the internet now for us artists that wasn't available back in the day it pains me to say. Literally everything you need to know in terms of technique, instruction, inspiration, and reference material is all on the net nowadays. Good sources for info are your typical CG Talk, Polycount, 3D Total, and Gnomon workshops. But there are many other sites brimming with information. It all depends on what your focus is. Modeling? Animation? Texturing? Rigging? Characters? Environments? Now in terms of what will help you in terms of on the job experience the answer is all of it to some degree. The more you learn the better equipped you'll be. But as with all things you can't beat actual hands-on experience. There are things you simply won't experience outside of the job world. Even with all of the new classes, degress, and colleges running Game Development courses, I'm finding most of the students I encounter aren't learning all of the necessary fundamentals. An old Art Director of mine and good friend once told me you're only as good as your reference material. This turned out to be very true in most cases. Almost nothing is original any more and you're far better off working from something as opposed to working from scratch. Don't try to create purely from memory. Use as much reference as possible. Be it for illustration, modeling and texturing, or animation. You'll be a much better artist for it. Hope that helps. If you want more detailed info give me a more specific focus and I can try and help.

Is this all the news that will be coming to us for Firefall in 2010?

Posted by Phobos

Release date is the End of 2011. So there's still plenty of time to do stuff. We'll be releasing more content. I know y'all are excited, but it's only been a week since PAX ended. I promise you'll have plenty to talk about over the next year. :-)

Will there be more blogs?

Posted by Phobos

It's only been a week. I promise there's more to come. :-)

Which is correct, Firefall or FireFall?

Posted by Phobos

Firefall. The logo has a slightly larger second F because it's difficult to read without it.

Will there be weekly announcements for Firefall?

Posted by Phobos

A weekly release cycle over a year out is probably not the best solution. Don't worry, more information will be released soon. I'm putting the final touches on something that'll hopefully get pushed out today.

Will Red 5 team accept and use fan-made arts in ads and/or events?

Posted by Phobos

Hey Menegroth... Fan-made content is awesome and does a great job of spreading the word about the game in a viral way. The problem with a company endorsing things like this are the legal problems with the content. In the instance of the Crysis Rick-Roll is that the music is copyrighted and while the fan that made the video probably won't have any issues, if a company were to try and use that without paying licensing rights for the music, they would not be so fortunate. In the end, fan-made content is great because it is fan-made and not something that is being used as propaganda by the company. It shows much more enthusiasm for the game because it's from the heart and not a marketing effort. That's not to say there aren't opportunities for a company to work with the community to produce content, but it is usually much more directed and more controlled. Hope that answers your question.


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