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As of Patch v0.5.1455, Commander level founders can ride the Founder LGV.

The Founder LGV functions similarly to the LGV found in the final quest, but looks more like an American Chopper than the Akira bike format.


It has a top speed of 88 KM/H, but can reach over 100 KM/H (when going down hill). The physics behind this vehicle are quite detailed so you can't turn like you would in your typical racing game.

Acceleration is realistic, traction is light, and crashing into enemies or anything else damages your bike (on rare instances, this will also damage the enemy for around 150 dmg).

The bike has 3,000 Hit Points, but won't explode when it reaches 0. Instead it will burn for a very brief duration then explode (instantly damaging the rider to 0 HP).


Firefall LGV Ride

Firefall LGV Ride

A bunch of Founders messing around with the Founder LGV