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Fragments are special materials which can be combined into Components, allowing the creation of Legendary items.

Obtaining Fragments[]

Fragments can be obtained from Treasure Caches, Secure Lockers and Treasure Chests.

Treasure Cache Icon.png

Treasure Cache[]

  • Besides an Epic Weapon/Ability/Armor/Module, Epic Caches may contain a Treasure Cache. Treasure Caches will award 1 guaranteed Fragment[1].

Secure Ability Locker Icon.png

Secure Lockers[]

  • Dropped as a random mission reward, Secure Lockers have a random, small chance of containing a Fragment.
  • Each Locker requires 1 Security Key to be opened.
  • Secure Lockers provide 1 Rare (Blue) Weapon/Ability/Armor/Module Cache, which in turn have a small chance of becoming an Epic Cache when opened. As described above, Epic Caches have a small chance of containing a Treasure Cache, with a guaranteed Fragment.

Treasure Chest.png

Treasure Chests[]

  • At the end of Hardcore missions/raids there is a Treasure Chest, which requires 2 Security Keys to be opened. Any of the 5 (or 10) players may use their keys, as long as 2 are used. When opened, this chests have a chance of containing a Fragment.


  • Alien Polymer: 50x Alien Fragments
  • Biomorphic Goo: 50x Biomorphic Fragments
  • Celestial Feather: 50x Celestial Fragments
  • Dark Matter: 50x Dark Fragments
  • Dimensional Pocket: 50x Dimensional Fragments
  • Dynamic Suspension: 50x Dynamic Fragments
  • Evolving Alloy: 50x Evolving Fragments
  • Exotic Chemicals: 50x Chemical Fragments
  • Flawless Frame: 50x Structural Fragments
  • Fusion Core: 50x Fusion Fragments
  • Impossible Catalyst: 50x Catalyst Fragments
  • Inconceivable Element: 50x Elemental Fragments
  • Indestructible Matrix: 50x Matrix Fragments
  • Mysterious Metal: 50x Metal Fragments
  • Semi-Conscious Nanotech: 50x Nanotech Fragments
  • Stasis Generator: 50x Stasis Fragments
  • Supercharged Capacitor: 50x Supercharged Fragments
  • Superconductive Fabric: 50x Superconductive Fragments
  • Terrible Machine: 50x Disturbing Fragments
  • Unobtanium Strut: 50x Unobtanium Fragments
  • Weather Control Device: 50x Electrified Fragments

Legendary Items Available[]