Melding TornadoesEdit


A Melding Tornado in sunlight

Melding tornadoes or 'Nadoes' are the Manifestation of the aggressive will to spread of the Melding itself. These Tornadoes will appear and need to be dispersed or negative attributes will befall the area you are in (Not yet utilized).

On the other hand if destroyed it can offer bonuses and positive buffs to the players responsible for banishing this being.


Melding Tornadoes will occur at random points within the map and can be seen over a wide range of the map (If a tornado manifests itself in a area you have activated your SIN network in then it will also crop up in your world map. Thus another bonus to being fully linked up.

As these items spawn there are a very dense amount of Melding creatures that will also spawn through the tornado. These can be severely dangerous and why a Tornado should never be approached without the right experience or numbers to be able to deal with this threat.

Nullifying a 'Nado'Edit

After the ground forces have been momentarily dealt with you will need to focus your fire onto one of the few 'Melding Shards' These shards are the main defense the tornado has and the Melding Tornado core can only be accessed after these shards have been destroyed. Only one shard is able to be fired upon at a time, and they cycle constantly. Your SIN will show which Shard is currently unshielded.

The next step is to (while still dealing with the ground forces that continuously spawn in) target the 'Melding Core' of the tornado. This is the last defense the tornado has to continue in existence.

Portal Opens?Edit

Once the raging black tornado's Core is destroyed, the tornado will turn into a Gold/Orange color this is to signify that it has been nullified, but the fight is not over yet. 

After the core is destroyed, a portal to an Unknown Melding Dimension will open. Multiple waves of Melded creatures will attack, increasing in size as time draws on. Sticking with a group is the best possible survival tactic, as overwhelming forces are a certainty.

Also, every minute or so the area of this dimension shrinks. The Melding wall draws closer, and as always going outside that wall drains your health swiftly. Many ores lay on the ground; typically the best strategy is to run and gun as the Melded creatures get close, and collect as many ores as you can.

Multiple Jump Pads and Glider Pads spawn. High above, ravaged roads that have been previously sucked into the melding form a path leading up to an exit portal. Once you've collected all you can (or cannot survive any longer), exit using this portal. Death also warps you back to the spot where the tornado appeared.

400px-Melding tornado

Melding Tornadoe