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Modules are items that can be added to weapons and abilities to improve their status. Modules have colors, which determine which slot they fit in, and rank, which determines how strong the status increase is.

Modules have no level requirement to equip, do not add to Power Rating and can be equipped either in weapons or abilities[1].



Modules can be slotted according to their color as follows:

  • Slot 1: Red, Orange and Purple modules
  • Slot 2: Yellow, Orange and Green modules
  • Slot 3: Blue, Purple and Green modules

Please note that common (white) rarity weapons and abilities have only slot 1 available, fitting only one module. Uncommon (green) have slots 1 and 2, and rares (blue) and above have all 3 slots available as shown in the picture. Equipment rarity colors are not to be confused with the module colors being described here (read below).

Module Colors x Rarity Colors[]

Mk.1, White rarity, Red Module

Modules have their own colors, which is in it's description and determines which Slot they fit in, and if it's a Basic or Hybrid Module. This is the most important color for modules. In the picture at the right, we have a Red module, which means it's a Basic module which only fits in Slot 1.

Besides it's main color, Modules are also affected by Equipment Rarity colors, which changes the Module's background color depending on it's Mk. Level:

Module Rank Background
Mk.1 and Mk.2 White
Mk.3 and Mk.4 Green
Mk.5 and Mk.6 Blue
Mk.7 and Mk.8 Purple
Mk.9 Orange

Red Modules in different rarities

This mix up lead us to having Red Modules with White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange backgrounds, which sounds extra confusing when talking about Blue (Basic) and Green/Orange/Purple (Hybrid) modules.

Basic Modules[]

Basic modules will drop directly from enemies and as mission rewards.



  • Force EnhancerWeapon Damage, Healing and Shield / Ability Damage, Healing and Shield
  • Rate EnhancerWeapon Rate of Fire, Chargeup / Ability Recharge Rate



  • Capacity BoosterWeapon Magazine Size / Ability Duration
  • Precision BoosterWeapon Accuracy, Handling / Ability Potency



  • Radial AmplifierWeapon Splash Radius / Ability Area of Effect
  • Range AmplifierWeapon Range / Ability Range

Hybrid Modules[]

Hybrid modules are created through the Tinker NPC, combining two basic modules. They improve both the stats from the modules used in it's creation, but only at (around) 70% efficiency:

Firefall Module Reference: Update 1.6 by VinLAURiA


  • Rate Enhancer + Capacity Booster = Enduro Pod
  • Rate Enhancer + Precision Booster = Quicksilver Pod
  • Force Enhancer + Capacity Booster = Hailstorm Pod
  • Force Enhancer + Precision Booster = Roundhouse Pod


  • Capacity Booster + Range Amplifier = Flood Chip
  • Capacity Booster + Radial Amplifier = Deluge Chip
  • Precision Booster + Range Amplifier = Marksman Chip
  • Precision Booster + Radial Amplifier = Firestorm Chip


  • Rate Enhancer + Radial Amplifier = Pulsating Dynamo
  • Rate Enhancer + Range Amplifier = Behemoth Dynamo
  • Force Enhancer + Range Amplifier = Impact Dynamo
  • Force Enhancer + Radial Amplifier = Collateral Dynamo


Both Basic and Hybrid modules exists in multiple ranks. The higher a module’s rank, the higher the stats increase. The numbers bellow are a % increase over the basic values:

Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.5 Mk.6 Mk.7 Mk.8 Mk.9
Basic +10 +13 +17 +20 +24 +27 +31 +34 +38
Hybrid +7 +9 +12 +14 +17 +19 +22 +24 +27

While Hybrid modules provide smaller stats increase compared to Basic modules, they add stats to the two different stats from the basic modules used to create them, therefore making their total increase around 40% higher then the Basic ones.

Upgrade Costs[]

To rank up a module, combine it with two other modules of the same rank and color at the Tinker NPC. Upgrading 3 Mk.1s into one Mk.2 costs 200 crystites. The following upgrades require credits:

Mk.1 Mk.2 Mk.3 Mk.4 Mk.5 Mk.6 Mk.7 Mk.8 Mk.9
- 200 cy 50 cr 100 cr 200 cr 400 cr 800 cr 1.600 cr 3.200 cr

It's important to note that the extra two modules don’t have to be the exact same type as the one you’re upgrading, just the same color. That way, if you're upgrading a Mk.1 Force Enhancer module, you can use either 2 extra Mk.1 Force Enhancer Modules, 2 Mk.1 Rate Enhancer Modules or one of each. The three modules and 200 crystites will be consumed, and you'll receive a Mk.2 Force Enhancer module.

Total Module Upgrade Cost in Credits

Note: The above table considers the 200 crystite needed to upgrade 3 Mk.1s into 1 Mk.2 as 8 credits. While it's the cy you actually need for tinkering, it could be converted into 8 credits (200 / 25 = 8), so it was taken into account as an 8 credits cost.

Total Modules Needed for Each Upgrade

Upgrading Mk.1s into one single Mk.9 Basic module requires 6.561 modules, 102.950 credits and 437.400 crystites, or a total of 120.446 credits if you consider the crystite equivalent in credits.

Update 1.6: Razor's Edge Module Migration[]

During migration to Update 1.6, modules from 1.3 salvaged into Module Credits (MC), including normal, Bane, Devil's, Kanaloa, Necro and Wasteland prefixes[2]:

Module Rarity MC
Lvl 40 White 82
Lvl 40 Green 164
Lvl 40 Blue 411
Lvl 40 Purple 822

Module Credits can be exchanged for the new modules at special NPC Lt. Amanda Bloom. There are only Basic modules available, so Hybrid modules will require Tinkering 2 of them. This is intended and there are no plans of adding Hybrids to said NPC[3]:

Mk.1 Mk.3 Mk.5 Mk.7
Force Enhancer 1 MC 10 MC 100 MC 1.000 MC
Rate Enhancer 1 MC 10 MC 100 MC 1.000 MC
Capacity Booster 1 MC 10 MC 100 MC 1.000 MC
Precision Booster 1 MC 10 MC 100 MC 1.000 MC
Radial Amplifier 1 MC 10 MC 100 MC 1.000 MC
Range Amplifier 1 MC 10 MC 100 MC 1.000 MC


  • A Basic Mk.9 module can be created using 9 Mk.7 modules and 8.000 credits, while a Hybrid Mk.9 would require 18 Mk.7s and 16.000cr.
  • If you played before Update 1.6, Mk.7 modules can be obtained at the module migration NPC, Lt. Amanda Bloom.
  • As of February 2016, Mk.7s can be brought for around 600cr at the market, cheaper then tinkering 3 Mk.6s into one Mk.7, which costs 800cr.
  • Although twice as expensive, Hybrid modules tend to be a better choice overall, except if you are focusing on improving a single status above others, i.e., slotting a Precision Booster (Potency) in Turret Mode's slot 2.
  • If you prefer spreadsheets, official forum's member Anorion made one containing all the modules and their boosts[1].


  • Module compensation failed during migration to Update 1.6, making all previously slotted modules to disappear from the player's inventory.[2] [3][4]A script run during February 2016, properly compensating everyone[5][6].