"Designed to have its presence felt without ever being seen on the battlefield, the Omnidyne OD-R02 “Nighthawk” specializes in staying far behind the front lines to pick off enemies with its powerful rifle and evasive systems."

The Nighthawk is one of the two advanced Recon- type battleframes. The Nighthawk utilizes a Sniper Rifle that can take enemies out from a distance. When it gets spotted, it can use smoke grenades to hide from enemy sight.

Sniper Rifle

"The Nighthawk’s Bolt Action Sniper Rifle has a very slow rate of fire, but its impact is devastating. A headshot from the Nighthawk’s rifle will put down anything in its way. The addition of a scope increases its effective range."

The Nighthawk's primary weapon is the Sniper Rifle. The Sniper Rifle's primary fire fires a powerful shot that deals high amounts of damage with a headshot. The Sniper Rifle's secondary fire is a scope that gives the rifle perfect accuracy and a 2.2x to 5.6x zoom.

Ambush (Exclusive Perk) - Whenever the Nighthawk is not detected by enemies through SIN, the Nighthawk will deal extra damage on it's next shot and will not consume ammo. This effect can be refreshed by landing a headshot.

Remote Explosive - The Nighthawk shoots a remote mine that will stick to a surface. When reactivated, the mine will explode, dealing a moderate amount of damage, and will then leave behind a fire patch that will deal damage over time to enemies caught in the fire patch.

Execution - The Nighthawk increases it's rate of fire for a few seconds.

Smoke Screen - The Nighthawk throws out a smoke grenade. Any ally caught in the smoke will be removed from enemy SIN and become invisible for a few seconds.

Eruption Rounds (HKM) - The Nighthawk loads special ammo into its Sniper Rifle for a duration. During this time, any shot fired from the Sniper Rifle will explode in a radius, dealing area of effect damage.