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Omnidyne-M Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle Default
Omnidyne-M weapons are built with an improved reload mechanism for shorter reload times
Name Omnidyne-M Sniper Rifle
Manufacturer Omnidyne-M
Tech Level (1) One
Damage Per Second 242.42
Accuracy 0% spread or drop
Clip Size 4
Max Ammo 32
Projectile Range 215.00
Reload 2.33
Zoom Factor 8x Scope
CPU required 16 mL
Power required 351 GW
weight in kg 501


Alt Fire is set to toggle the Sniper's scope. You can use the mouse scroll to zoom further. While in zoom, the rifle will become 100% accurate even while moving or jetpacking. When not using the scope, the Sniper Rifle is fairly inaccurate.