Defensively Sound

From the official firefall battleframe page:

Unequaled in terms of deployable battlefield tech, such as setting up multiple turrets and erecting defensive barriers.

The Omnidyne OD-E12 “Bastion” is Omnidyne-M’s answer to the Accord Engineer, with an added emphasis on being a defensive specialist. To aid in its efforts, the Bastion is stocked with several deployable electronics which can protect its allies and turn the tide of any fight.


Omnidyne-M Bastion's default weapon is the Tesla Rifle. The primary fire mode channels a continuous bolt of lightning. The alternative fire, is a beam of energy that heals deployables. In PvP, the alternative Fire can be used to drain your enemies energy. In terms of damage, the Tesla Rifle is unrivaled, with very few weapons even coming close in damage. The tradeoff, it has less range than most weapons, Though the range is still generally considered adequate.


Multi Turrets - Deploys a small turret. Multiple small turrets may be up at any given time. Multiple charges stored on seperate cooldowns.

Sentinel Pod - Deploys a deployable that heals other deployables or damages enemies depending on targets detected.

Energy Shield - Fires a projectile that creates a wall when it is reactivated or hits an enemy.

Fortify [Ultimate, HKM] - Fortify heals all deployables and they do double damage for a duration.