"The Astrek Association’s AA-R4 “Raptor” is the support frame to complement Astrek’s other, offense-heavy battleframes. Several evasion systems have been integrated into this battleframe, making it difficult to track in the chaos of a firefight."

The Astrek Raptor is one of the 2 Recon-type advanced battleframes. The Raptor is a long-ranged support-focused sniper battleframe that can supercharge his allies, as well as help thin enemy numbers from afar.

Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is the signature weapon of the Raptor battleframe. The Charge Rifle is a long-ranged rifle that fires out electrical beams, dealing energy damage based on how long the Rifle has been charged. This means the longer the weapon is charged, the higher the damage will be. The Charge Rifle's secondary fire is a scope that has a 2.2x to a 5.6x zoom and also gives perfect accuracy.

Passive - Conduit (Exclusive Perk) - The Raptor gains a stack of conduit everytime he hits an enemy with his Charge Rifle. Upon reaching 3 stacks, the next ability used will become empowered, granting additional benefits or effects.

Power Field - The Raptor fires out a long-range deployable that will detonate on impact. When detonated, the deployable becomes a Power Field. Any ally who walks into the Power Field will become supercharged, granting unlimited ammo and increased rate of fire for a duration. Empowered effect: allies weapons have increased charge-up speed.

Teleport Beacon - The Raptor tosses an orb that bounces off surfaces or walls. When reactivated a second time, the Raptor instantly teleports to the orb. Empowered effect: The Raptor gains a massive speed boost after teleporting.

SIN Scrambler - The Raptor fires out a special round, dealing moderate damage to the first enemy it hits and scrambles their SIN. Enemies who have their SIN scrambled will fool the opposition into thinking the target is hostile. Empowered effect: The target also becomes vulnerable, increasing damage taken for the duration.

Overload (HKM) - The Raptor overloads it crystite reactor, every shot fired from the Charge Rifle will explode, dealing area of effect damage. During this time, the Charge Rifle also charges twice as fast.