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Currency Exchange

Current Currency Exchange rate as of 5/6/13

Red Beans is firefalls currency that can be bought with real money. Also with buying a pack of red beans you will earn a red bean token which can be spun at a vending machine for a rare cosmetic package and other rewards. You can also buy cosmetic items from the red bean store.

256px-Red Bean

Picture of Red Bean

Red Beans can also be bought buy converting Crystite into Credits (25 000 crystite = 1000 credits) which then you can buy red beans on the market roughly 100 credits each. So 25 000 Crystite can get you 10 red beans. Players can earn roughly 25k crystite in about a week. So in 17 weeks you could buy the red bean LGV.

The current package deals are as follows:


Red Beans USD USD/RD
40 $5.00 0.125
80 $10.00 0.125
168 $20.00 ~0.1191
440 $50.00 ~0.1136
960 $100.00 ~0.1042

Founder Packs (no longer offered)

Red Beans USD USD/RD
160 $20 0.125
440 $50.00 ~0.1136
960 $100.00 ~0.1042

Launch Packs (one time use)

Red Beans USD USD/RD Saved Redbeans on Advanced frames
100 $29.99 ~0.299 0
200 $99.99 ~0.499 1100

The current rate of exchange is as follows:

Less than $20.00 USD 0.125 USD per RedBean
More than $20.00 USD 0.12 USD per RedBean
More than $50.00 USD 0.114 USD per RedBean