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The X300 Gauss single-bolt rifle is the signature weapon of the Recon battleframe.

Sniper Rifle Base Stats

Projectile Speed






Magazine Size

4 Rounds

Projectile Range


Rate of Fire



Alt Fire is set to toggle the Sniper's scope. You can use the mouse scroll to zoom further. While in zoom, the rifle will become 100% accurate even while moving or jetpacking. When not using the scope, the Sniper Rifle is fairly inaccurate and will deal significantly less damage (100/shot).

The Sniper Rifle has a "charge mechanism" when in "scope mode".

When not firing, the Rifle will automaticaly charge the next shot. Once a shot is fired the Rifle will need time to be fully charged again. When fully "charged" a shot will deal up to 550 damage. Thus, repeatedly firing will result in low damage output (100/shot) and a waste of ammo given that the shot will not have time to charge.

In order to be efficient a Recon needs to master this mechanism. Mastering the "charge to damage" ratio will allow trained players to fire faster and increase their overall damage output given that they won't have to wait for a shot to charge fully well knowing that "x charged" a shot will deal "y damage".