I've always liked how OpenTTD gathers their suggestions in one place and monitors the developers' response to them. Wouldn't it be nice to have a list like theirs?

Since all we have now is a forum, I suggest we simply list the helpful threads with actual discussion and/or Red5 responses. Add a note with what the discussion is about if it's not obvious from the title. Please link to the first page of the thread. No such thing as notability, but please don't add threads with fewer than 10 answers or so, or threads with more filler than actual ideas and constructive discussion without a Red5 response. Unless they're really cool threads.



Combat medic, Different types of medics >> Anti-medic? - how strong should the medic's offensive abilities be and how important healing is to the overall game.

Biotech > Medic - primarily why the Medic battleframe should be renamed back to Biotech.

New battleframe suggestionsEdit

Close range focused combat frames/abilities, CQC/Suppression frame - close-combat 'frame with a shotgun or similar weapon.

Weapons and abilitiesEdit


Artillery - about a set of long-range, indirect fire weapons. Hand-held vs. vehicle-mounted, among other things.

Game mechanicsEdit

Assault smack down - cinematic finishing moves.

Melee - what have we heard so far

Aggro system - ends up discussing ways to enhance or replace the standard MMOG system.



Bound items - whether there should be binding of items. Also discusses alternate ways to prevent flooding the economy with items, like a decay system.

Collectable items

Enemies and NPC'sEdit

Bugs and Chosen that you wanna see

Areas and missionsEdit

Starting area ideas

Locations you want to see - plenty of ideas for various interesting locations.


Customizing vehicles


Names, naming and multiple characters - should there be several characters on one account, how should they be named, and should there be a shared name for all of them.

Game changes - how expansions or add-ons should be handled.