A Terror Claw.

This article contains speculation, information which has not been confirmed by a reliable source. The game is still in development, and all information is subject to change.

Terror Claws are insectoid aliens. A Terror Claw is a huge predator which spends most of its time burrowed just beneath the surface. It often remains dormant until disturbed by seismic activity, such as excavation thumpers. They have thick carapaces and can withstand much more punishment than simple Aranhas. These sluggish creatures are capable of encasing themselves fully in their shells and rolling towards their target with enough force to throw them flying backward. Mercenaries and extraction squads are highly advised to focus their fire on Terror Claws as they present a massive threat to the entire company.

Types & SubspeciesEdit

  • The traditional Terror Claw with a few Arahnas
  • The Rage Claw, a subspecies of the Terror Claw with an explosive attack.

Terror Claws have a sister species that often appear alongside them when disturbed by the kind of seismic activity that thumpers create. These creatures are called Rageclaws and are less durable but have the ability to lob explosive charges from their mouths.