FANDOM is an 'augmented reality' puzzle site run by Red 5.

It was first discovered during the game's initial reveal at PAX Prime 2010. Red 5 staff members were handing out Accord ID cards to anyone who signed up for the forums / beta.

These cards had a QR code on them, which contained 4 lines of information. For example:

MichaelBriggs ID
  • Michael Briggs
  • Level 1 Access
  • Code 2 of 5 :: "CRYSTITE"

After a lot of searching and decoding on the official forums[1], all 5 codes were eventually found.

The codes are (in order):

Inputting all 5 codes into the main page leads to an interior page with yet another 'Access Code' field, as well as an image with the Firefall logo. Inspecting that image with a web browser led to the discovery of another gameplay video, dubbed the Golden Ticket video (from the filename, GoldenTicket_test.flv).[2]

As for the sixth code, there was speculation that it had something to do with the dashes just below the big red 'LEVEL 1' on the front. Those bars could be translated into binary code [3], but appeared to be gibberish. Until a forum user named Cruseydr found that the gibberish was in fact a Caesar Cipher[4]

The resulting code was 'STOPTHEMELDING'. Inputting this code into the sixth field led to a third site which read:

"Decrypting Files... Estimated time to completion: Unknown"

The 'progress' on decrypting the files went up slowly from the site's initial discovery at PAX Prime (September 3-5 2010) until it hit 100% on November 11, 2010.[5]

At that time, a sound file was uploaded to the site, which contained what appeared to be a news broadcast of an expedition into the Melding, after the crash of the CMS Arclight.

It is currently unknown if the site will continue to be used for further information releases.