Welcome to The Reapers Firefall Army. The Reapers is a gaming guild that has been known for its excellence in many shooter type games across multiple platforms and now you have the chance to join our ranks of success. We're looking for battle hardened veterans as well as inexperience new recruits who wish to learn the fine art of war, for we Reapers are strong and virtuous. We are a good community to join and are on 24/7. We also have a Teamspeak server that you can talk to us on. The Reapers have a different future for earth and it is not yet time for them to be wiped off the planet. Get Registered. Join the Armada.

To sign up all you need to do is post that you are joining here and then go register on our actual website.

The Army leaders name is Arsageo. I am second in command.

Our Website: The Reapers Homepage Our Steam Group: The Reapers Firefall Army

Chain Of CommandEdit

The Chain of Command is your rank in this army. If you don't have a higher rank that doesn't mean you are not important. The Reapers ranks just give you a title. You still need to prove your usefulness on the battlefields of Firefall. You should post your rank in the signature of your Firefall account to signify your allegiance to the army. Just send me an email on the site the rank you want and it will be updated ASAP.

Head Officers

Supreme Commander: Arsageo (Kommodant) Major General: Komrade Head of Logistics: Ventus


Supreme General of the Offensive: Irpwnu2 Colonel of the Offensive: Martyr Lieutenant Colonel of the Offensive(Open): Major of the Offensive(Open): Captain of the Offensive: White Shinigami (All other members of offensive are given the title of Lieutenant)


Supreme Admiral of the Defensive: Xizevak Vice-Admiral of the Defensive: Steezy609 Captain of the Defensive: Zanmato Commander of the Defensive(Open): Lieutenant Commander of the Defensive(Open): Lieutenant of the Defensive(Open): (All other members of the defensive are given the title of Ensign)


Head of Medical: Ventus Assistants to Medical(Open): Cody10323 (There can be multiple of ranks except for high command)

Assault ranks are for people who are going to go out and push the enemy when playing in PvP or base type PvP matches while Defensive ranks are for people who are going to stay back and protect the base or object that needs protection. The ranks have nothing to do with class and are just purely what your play style is like.