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A Thumper, deployed above a Crystite deposit

The Thumper is one of high-technological human inventions, one of a class of so-called 'calldowns'. It is summoned by players, and then dropped onto an ore deposit, which it then automatically begins to mine.

This rather noisy behavior attracts nearby aggressive wildlife (specifically aranhas, hissers, threshers, as well as others in some cases), leading to the conflict seen in the first gameplay video[1].

Thumpers have a limited amount of hitpoints, as well as a limited capacity. At the end of the mining cycle, or beforehand via a player channelled action, the thumper will lift off, rewarding the summoner (as well as his squadmates) with collected ores. The summoning player will have the calldown unit returned. If the thumper is destroyed, the player that summoned it loses the thumper and must rebuild it.

Early missions grant access to a stock Thumper with limited gathering capabilities, however investment in research allows access to higher quality ones. The Improved thumper (imp) and the advanced thumper (adv).

The Stock Thumper:

Builds for -

  • 200 Crystite

Personal Thumper Level 1:

Builds for -

  • 500 Crystite
  • 1 x Polymorphous Fiber
  • 1 x Crystalline Crystite Engine

'Personal Thumper Level 2:

Builds for -

  • 750  Crystite
  • 5 x Polymorphous Fiber
  • 5 x Crystalline Crystite Engine

Stock Thumpers -[edit | edit source]

Stock Thumpers can be purchased at select venders for:

  • 500 Crystite

Squad Thumpers - [edit | edit source]

Squad thumpers can be purchased at a select venders for:

  • 5000 Crystite

Squad Stock Thumper -

Build for -

  • 500 Crystite

Squad Thumper lvl 1-

Build for -

  • 1000 Crystite
  • 2 x Polymorphous Fiber
  • 1 x Crystalline Crystite Engine

These ingredients are always subject to change. Each thumper has a recommended ammount of players to operate safely and its own risks. Imps are recomeneded 2-3 players, Adv prefer 3-5 and may call chosen to attack with the other creatures. Also a foot note players will often go meld thumping which is thumping in or near the meld to gain azurite and other rarer minerals used in crafting and recipies. This will summon Chosen regardless of the thumper used and will summon a Chosen sub race to assist in killing your thumper along with the melded creatures that come out. To meld thump a higher tier it is suggested a 4-5 man squad be used.

Thumper Model

Thumper Sizes

A thumper ontop of a tree

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