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Ground Vehicles[]


Light Ground Vehicle or LGV for short. It can be infinitely used. This bike-like transport can be used to traverse the map in much faster than just by running, jet-packing or gliding. LGVs take damage from collisions or deep water and may hurt NPCs when they are being ran over.

LGV Unlocked at Level 25

Single use LGV's can be aquired in all Spin Token Terminals whereas the infinite one can be aquired but achieving level 25 and completing the "In the Wheelhouse" from the ARES board in dredge or purchased with red beans or through the Founder's Pack.

Ranger All-Terrain MGV purchased through Founders Package

The newest vehicle the All Terrain Ranger MGV (Medium Ground Vehicle) is a medium class vehicle that has an increased ability to traverse over more difficult terrain due to its 4 big wheels and high suspension. As an added bonus this vehicle can carry an extra person who can use their Primary and Secondary weapons. This vehicle has almost identical stats to the LGV but has a decreased speed of up to 70km/h (LGV can travel up to 100km/h). Also much like the LGV can be infinitely spawned with a cool down of 10 seconds.

This vehicle can only be obtained through the Deluxe Digital Founders Package.



The other mode of transport is the Glider, which can be found around the map from a special Glider Pad. All the Watchtowers and main hubs contain at least one. Walking over the pad propels the player in the air and then opens a set of blue wings, which can be used to glide over the terrain. Hitting an obstacle ends the flight. Weapons and skills (such as Bombs Away) can be used while gliding. In addition to fixed Glider Pads, the players may also craft their own disposable pads via the Molecular Printer.

  • In order to maximize the use of a glider, a player should try to maintain a flight path of slightly less than 180° (horizon). It will be just slightly lower than when the character starts to shake, which is a sign of the character about to plummet
  • If gliding to a near by spot or any glide path that makes you pick up speed in a short period of time, try to slow down the speed by going past your objective and just circling back around.
  • In terms of landing, never head straight down. Treat your chest as if they were airplane wheels and come in at a smooth angle.