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This article is in the process of being updated for the 1.6 patch. Some information may be incorrect or missing.

Weaponry in Firefall are split into 2 main categories: Primary and Secondary. Primary Weapons can only be used by the specific type of Battleframe it is assigned to, including Advanced Battleframes from that archetype(e.g. Rhino using Dreadnaught's HMG) , if available, and are limited on ammunition. Secondary Weapons, on the other hand, can be used with any Battleframe and have infinite ammo. Red 5 Studios currently seems to be working on expanding the number of secondary weapons in the game(needs confirmation) .[1].


Plasma Cannon - Assault Frame Primary Weapon

Assault Rifle - Assault Frame Secondary Weapon.


Healing Gun - Medic Frame Primary Weapon

Assault Rifle - Medic Frame Secondary Weapon


Sniper Rifle - Recon Frame Primary Weapon

Sub-Machine Gun - Recon Frame Secondary Weapon


Repair Gun - Engineer Frame Primary Weapon

Assault Rifle - Engineer Frame Secondary Weapon

Shotgun - Engineer Frame Secondary Weapon (Unlocked Tier 1)


Heavy Machine Gun- Dreadnaught Frame Primary Weapon

Assault Rifle - Dreadnaught Frame Secondary Weapon


Thermal Cannon - Firecat primary weapon.


Fusion Cannon - Tigerclaw primary weapon

Secondary Weapons[]

Assault Rifle - Medium range automatic rifle.

Sub Machine Gun (SMG)- Short range submachine gun.

Shotgun - Close quarters semi-automatic rifle.

Grenade Launcher - Revolving chamber grenade launcher.